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    How Bravely supports wellbeing

    Our coaches know that work is an emotional experience, and that work-related feelings affects all aspects of our lives. They’re here to meet employees wherever they are mentally and emotionally when it comes to their lives at work.

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  • Daily Moments

    Bravely Daily Moments: Intentions and Goals

    This three-week series is a blueprint for a goal-setting process that works, taking you from a big-picture intention to celebrating your results one daily email at a time.

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    How to create authentic employee connections (even while working apart)

    This webinar features leaders from Bravely, Blueboard and Donut for a discussion around the power of forming meaningful employee connections while working remotely.

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    The cost of the conversation gap on workplace health

    Learn why some employee groups are avoiding tough conversations—and what it says about the state of the workplace today.

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    Supporting Black Employees

    As continued racial injustice awakens protests around the country, HR leaders and people managers must not lose sight of the impacts these events are having on Black people in the workplace.

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    Compassionate layoffs in a crisis

    As a direct result of the economic crisis, many companies are facing the choice to lay off valued members of their team in large numbers. We identified the key strategies for easing the burden on those you lay off and keeping their teams strong long after this moment.

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    Embracing Change Through Resilience and Adaptability

    Right now, you may be asking yourself how to lead a team when everything is changing by the day. Building a foundation of resilience is the first step in thriving in times of change, and our panel is here to offer ways to do just that.

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    Mental health and coaching

    Hear from NYU Clinical Assistant Professor of Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting, Dr. Woody Woodward, on the psychological challenges that employees are facing in this uncertain and challenging time.

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    Cultivating connection in challenging times

    Leaders from Bravely, Google, and SoulCycle discuss strategies and tactics for creating connection at work in the midst of the challenging moment we're facing. They'll share why connection is key to engagement, resilience, and growth at your company, and how to cultivate it in these isolating times.

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