Drive performance and engagement for all employees

Bravely is the only coaching solution built to provide transformative company-wide coaching for every employee at all levels so they can thrive throughout the career moments that matter.

Engagement & Retention

Be proactive with key insights

Bravely provides your HR team with data and insights that highlight potential areas of risk across your organization so that you can take action early. Our coaches provide a confidential outlet outside of work to manage burnout and attrition. Offering Bravely as a benefit is an impactful show of support—it signals to your people that you’re investing in their workplace wellness.

Culture Transformation

Foster organizational well-being

Bravely coaches help your people create personal development goals, set boundaries, and build habits that lead to healthier work-life balance. Clients choose Bravely to help them create open and collaborative cultures grounded in psychological safety and healthy communication.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Make your workplace work for everyone

Level the playing field by giving every employee access to an experienced coach. Bravely makes coaching accessible and equitable by providing each employee with individualized, confidential support and resources based on their unique needs to accelerate their individual potential.

Growth & Development

Support learning with on-demand coaching and content

Coaches ensure critical, just-in-time support for learning in the flow of work. They help develop team members to give actionable feedback, approach difficult conversations, and practice self-awareness. Bravely coaches reinforce your learning and development efforts by helping every employee unlock their best selves.

Performance Management

Amplify skill development

A Bravely session can help your employees understand how to see their review as an opportunity to think big about their careers and where they want to go. Our coaches also help managers prepare for performance conversations and hone the communication skills that lead to strong relationships with their employees.

Employees who use Bravely feel more empowered at work.

After just one coaching session with Bravely:

  • 93%

    feel more likely to proactively address a workplace situation.

  • 92%

    learned a new skill or strategy to use in their lives at work.

  • 89%

    report a more positive outlook on their future at the company.

Join the leading organizations that partner with Bravely.

“Giving our employees access to professional coaches that can hear and help them from a neutral place is an empowering way to move their careers forward. Bravely is a personal extension to the best of People teams for employees.”

Michelle Wagner

CEO | Mindstrong

“Bravely has given Suzy the capability to take coaching which typically was provided to executives and leaders and democratize it to EVERY employee.”

Anthony Onesto

Chief People Officer | Suzy

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