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Bravely connects people to on-demand confidential coaching in the moments that matter across the employee experience.

Why our approach works

Access to Bravely’s network of vetted professional coaches fosters employee well-being and development to supercharge performance and help people thrive.


Learning and support when it’s most needed


An unbiased outlet employees can trust


Pros are briefed on the ins and outs of your company

Companies working Bravely

We make companies stronger.

Bravely boosts all aspects of an organization’s health—including performance, psychological safety, engagement, and retention.


of employees coming to Bravely for the first time are identified by their Pros as potential flight risks.


of employees say they’re more likely and more prepared to address their situation after a Bravely session.


of employees with two or more completed sessions report a more positive outlook on their future at their company.

Bravely in the news

See what Bravely can do for your company.

"As Pinterest grows and adapts to new challenges, our team's appetite for individualized support and development has never been stronger. Bravely has helped scale the support provided by our People team, and our colleagues are already telling us that access to their own coach when they need it most is unleashing new skills, confidence, and drive."

Jo Dennis, CHRO at Pinterest

“Bravely is a shrewd move to take care of your employees. It amplifies the support that your HR and managers can provide, and confidential support will be an employee expectation in the future.“

Dan Spaulding, Chief People Officer at Zillow Group