Access to coaching for all employees

Bravely is the only coaching solution built to provide transformative company-wide coaching for every employee at all levels so they can thrive throughout the career moments that matter.

Trusted by leading organizations and their employees


Improve performance, one employee at a time

In every aspect of their lives at work, our coaches partner with your employees to help them thrive.

  • Engagement & Retention

    Support employees, improve retention

    Bravely’s team of experienced coaches supports employees with the tools and frameworks that keep them engaged and confident about their future.

  • Culture Transformation

    Build healthy cultures

    Transform cultural challenges in the workplace, including challenges with avoiding difficult conversations and feedback, mistrust, and workaholic cultures.

  • Growth & Development

    Empower your people to grow

    Coaches ensure critical, just-in-time support for learning in the flow of work.

How it works

On-demand coaching, right at your team's fingertips

Bravely coaching is self-directed, so your people can get the individualized support they need, when they need it.

How our coaching approach is different

  • On-demand

    Employees can schedule a coaching session or access learning resources for just-in-time learning in their flow of work.

  • Confidential

    Our coaches provide a confidential, third-party perspective outside of work to ensure that employees have a neutral sounding board to chart a path forward.

  • Equitable

    Bravely provides every employee at all levels with 1:1 support based on their unique needs to accelerate their individual potential.

Real companies, real results

A culture transformation at Autodesk brought them to Bravely seeking more individualized support.

How Bravely helped BrainPOP extend HR capacity and support employee wellbeing.

How PTC used coaching to empower their organization to navigate change.

With our customers, we're shaping the future of work.

We're proud to work with people leaders who are building workplaces that work for everyone.

“Giving our employees access to professional coaches that can hear and help them from a neutral place is an empowering way to move their careers forward. Bravely is a personal extension to the best of People teams for employees.”

Michelle Wagner

CEO | Mindstrong

“As Pinterest grows and adapts to new challenges, our team’s appetite for individualized support and development has never been stronger. Bravely has helped scale the support provided by our People team, and our colleagues are already telling us that access to their own coach when they need it most is unleashing new skills, confidence, and drive.”

Jo Dennis

Former CHRO | Pinterest

A healthy culture starts with Bravely.

Offering individualized coaching as a benefit is an impactful show of support - it signals to your people that you’re investing in their well-being and development.