Making life at work better for everyone

Bravely is a new kind of benefit in support of workplace health—connecting employees with professional coaches for confidential conversations in the moments they need them most.

Bravely is closing the Conversation Gap, improving engagement and retention in turn.

Seventy percent of employees are avoiding a conversation with their manager, colleagues, or direct reports. We’re giving people the tools they need to address their issues sooner and more productively, and helping HR teams support their employees in new ways.


cost of a single conversation failure


time managers spend dealing with conflict

385 million

days lost each year due to unresolved issues

Companies working Bravely

We’re good for organizations and their employees.

When employees are happy and productive, organizations are healthier overall. Employees using Bravely experience real behavior change.


say they feel more positive about their future at their company after their session


say they’re more likely to approach a difficult situation after their session


say they wouldn’t have approached their leaders if they hadn’t spoken with Bravely first

Bravely in the news

Bravely can transform your workplace health, too.

"[We started] thinking: how could we provide pathways and resources for people to get support in the workplace? We were doing a lot of research… and that’s when we found Bravely."

Dan Spaulding, Chief People Officer at Zillow Group

“For a lot our employees, Hireology is their first or second job out of college. We’re pretty lean on the HR side, but we still want to give them professional support.”

Julie Brinkman, Chief Operating Officer at Hireology