Here are a few of the most common questions we receive from the people we support.

Bravely is a resource for the moments that matter in your life at work. It connects you to one-on-one professional coaching whenever you need it. Using the Bravely platform (online or web app), you can schedule time to connect with one of our coaches for a confidential conversation about growing in your role, building stronger working relationships, achieving focus and motivation, and more.

Bravely’s Pros are a vetted network of certified coaches and human resources veterans who come from all kinds of backgrounds and industries, including tech, consulting, advertising, and publishing. They have been onboarded to Bravely’s coaching methodology. We have also ensured that they are well-acquainted with your company’s mission, values, and priorities.

After introducing themselves, your Pro will work with you to understand your situation from all sides. Then, they’ll guide you in brainstorming your options and choosing your own best course of action. Finally, they’ll help you prepare for your own next steps after the session.

Bravely sessions are audio-only, and will happen via a phone call from your Pro or in the Bravely app. After scheduling, you’ll receive a confirmation email to your personal email address detailing which method your session will use. Download the app at

Your session can last up to 45 minutes, but some people choose to spend less time speaking with their Pro.

Bravely coaching is currently available in 33 languages. You can select the language for your session when you schedule it.

Yes! We have a full content library that you can access if you’d like to take advantage of our resources. You can find the full library on the app.

It’s up to you — each time you schedule a session, you’ll be able to choose any Pro with whom you’ve worked in the past, or to try someone new.

This is also up to you! You have access to unlimited sessions, so you can be in the driver’s seat of how often you work with a coach. Some people choose to have sessions “as needed” to address timely matters in their work lives, while others find they get the most from a regular monthly session.

Bravely understands that your life at work is inextricable from your identity. To request that you be matched with a Pro who shares any element of your identity or background, reach out using the chat box in the bottom-right corner of the Bravely platform or via

Probably not. However, our coaches have an average of 10 years of experience and can provide guidance regardless of your role or industry. They are expert coaches with ample experience supporting employees at every stage of their careers.

Every conversation that you have with a Bravely Pro is completely confidential, with two exceptions: - If you tell your Pro that you want something to be reported back to your company, Bravely can work with you to meet that request. - Bravely also has a duty to report employee threats of imminent harm to self or others back to the company. Finally, Bravely aggregates trends and themes across sessions, and may share these with company leadership to support their work in improving the employee experience. All of this data is fully anonymized, and the Bravely team takes pains to ensure that it will never point back to an individual or to any single conversation.

We ask you to activate your account using your personal email address to make good on our promise of confidentiality. We will also reach out to you at your personal email address to confirm upcoming sessions, respond to requests, and address any feedback you share with Bravely.

We use the feedback you provide to improve your experience with Bravely. Please make sure to fill out your post-session survey (it’s optional) so that we know how we’re doing and can continue to improve!