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Making life
at work better

In the years since, our mission has evolved beyond connecting people with coaches (although it’s still the core of what we do). The average person spends more than 3,000 hours at work each year, and our experiences on the job have a huge impact on every single part of our lives. And the truth is that for many people, “work” can be synonymous with anxiety and dread.

We believe that there’s another way, and it’s why we’re on a mission to make life at work better for everyone.

Our values

  • Everyone

    We work to foster an environment where everyone’s humanity and unique lived experiences are celebrated, so that all employees can thrive.

  • Further

    Our success is contingent upon defining and seeking clear lines of ownership, and every individual taking responsibility for their contributions.

  • Champion

    We’re committed to proactively sharing our ideas, plans, dependencies, insights, and challenges, even when it may not feel easy or comfortable.

  • Results

    We demonstrate our commitment to our purpose with the results we drive. We see impact as more meaningful than intent, and actions as more powerful than words.

  • Strive
    for better

    We’re always looking for ways to further and deepen our impact wherever we can. We don’t accept the status quo as a given.

Backed by the best

Bravely is proud to work with people-centric organizations who understand the importance of supporting employees at all levels in their careers.

Meet our Coaches

Our world-renowned professional coaches have an average of 10 years of experience and are ready to support your employees through whatever comes their way.

  • Adewale Bello

    Adewale Bello

    For almost two decades, Adewale has invested his time and effort in finding ways to help professionals maximize productivity and happiness through coaching and personalized training interventions. His Bachelor’s degree in Humanistic Psychology and Master’s in Instructional Design gave him a good foundation in behavioral science and performance improvement. He has completed over 1,000 hours of coaching and designed several training programs on leadership competencies used to onboard new managers. Before venturing into coaching full time, he spent 10 years working for Fortune 50 telecommunication companies, holding individual contributor and team management roles. His unique background and experience have deeply informed his coaching with the ability to motivate, inspire, and guide my clients using my positive energy and conscious business strategy, resulting in them overcoming burnout, and regaining their drive, passion, and desire for peak performance. He's helped several clients create individual development plans, transition into new roles, define goals, create action plans, improve negotiating skills, and achieve other major outcomes they are looking for, both in their professional and personal lives. He also has extensive experience working with managers and directors to create a culture of alignment, resilience, and growth in their workplace Over the years, he's worked within diverse industries, ranging from tech companies ( e.g Google, Snap, Facebook, Intuit, and Amazon) to healthcare, manufacturing, hospitality, finance, education, telecommunications, and government. I have also partnered with several organizations in leading D&I initiatives. On the personal side, he is very involved with InterNations and other global expat organizations. The time he spent living in Russia, Belgium, and Argentina heightened his passion for international relationships and event volunteering.

  • Agnieszka Gasperini

    Agnieszka Gasperini

    Agnieszka Gasperini is a multicultural, passionate volunteer and leading expert in project management. Over the past fifteen years, she has been teaching, advising and coaching project managers and executives around the world, with a strong expertise around EU development projects. Her work, articles and overall contribution to the profession has been recognized with several awards, including the PMI Distinguished Contribution in 2012.

  • AL Garcia

    AL Garcia

    AL has 20 + years of for-profit, non-profit, and government experience. He holds a Master’s Degree in Organizational Leadership and a Professional Certified Coach Credential through the International Coach Federation. He is also a founding Board Certified Coach through the Center for Credentialing and Education. He is a remote coaching expert, having led remote teams and coached hundreds of remotely based leaders. Since he has held various positions, he has the experience that informs the powerful guidance that he provides in coaching. He asks insightful questions because he has been where you are as an IC, Manager, Director, VP, President.

  • Alex Ledgister

    Alex Ledgister

    A native from Panama and US Marine combat Veteran, Alex Ledgister brings to the table many years of experience. While stationed overseas, he successfully managed and coached a team of 38 Veterans from all special operations branches of the United States Military. Having overcome insurmountable odds to achieve success, Alex is able to give his clients real-world strategies and tools to maximize their personal and professional potential. As an Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer, he strives to offer the right balance of challenge and support, which is different for every person.

  • Alexandra Claes

    Alexandra Claes

    Alexandra supports leaders, executives and high potential individuals to bridge performance gaps and achieve strategic business results. She brings close to two decades of diverse experience in finance, administration and general manufacturing to European level management. People working with her manage stressful situations, discover ways to navigate change and transition, handle expectations from the new boss or integrate a new team. She is Romanian, lived in France and now in Germany, travelled and worked in multiple cultures. She is a certified professional coach, mentor and supervisor in coaching.

  • Alexis Mobley

    Alexis Mobley

    With a 15-year career in technology across multiple Fortune 500 companies, Alexis’ path to coaching was neither linear nor foreseen but inevitable upon reflection. Though she spent most of her career in client-facing, logic-based, analytical roles, the pandemic allowed space to pause, find out what is important to her, and pivot into a more heart-centered profession. As a result, in 2020, she pursued an M.Sc. degree in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting from NYU - the impetus for launching her I, Matter! Coaching and Consulting practice. Alexis initially hesitated to launch her business for various reasons, many tied to her limiting beliefs. But, she recognized that someone in the world needed her gifts, and not moving forward could deprive them of a coach who might help transform their lives. She partners with high-achieving women to advocate for themselves and find and use their voices. She is a non-judgemental cheerleader, encouraging clients through the process as they uncover potential roadblocks precluding the best version of themselves from being revealed. Many of her clients no longer connect to their inner knowing to understand what resonates for them. While others know what they want, deep-seated (conscious or unconscious) fear prevents movement. “I wanted Black and Brown women to know it was ok to take up space, in every sense of the word, to go after those dreams long since abandoned, and to put themselves first when making certain life decisions.”

  • Ali Abrishami

    Ali Abrishami

    MS, Organizational Development & Change Management Ali has over 20 years of strategic HR experience in driving human capital strategy with an integrated focus on business strategy and organizational culture. His expertise includes international business strategy, culture transformation, organizational design & development, talent management, performance management, employee engagement, leadership and management development, and change management. In addition, Ali has served as a coach and sounding board for employees, managers and executives in reaching their desired goals and objectives. 

  • Ali Gülüm

    Ali Gülüm

    ICF certified coach, trainer, and consultant with 20+ years of business experience. Worked in sales, operations, HR, training and development in different sectors including retail, FMCG, manufacturing, education, and NGOs. Holds degrees of Sociology, Social Anthropology, Tourism Management, and Animal Nursery. He truly believes every person is not only unique but also precious. He describes his coaching style as present, connected, awareness focused and gently direct, all allowing him to keep focus on his clients, their desires, and goals. He accompanies people and companies in finding their own magic.

  • Alison Rakotonirina

    Alison Rakotonirina

    As a coach, Alison understands firsthand the power of the other to help us unlock our potential. Today she brings 20+ years of combined experience as a manager and mentor, an executive, an ex-pat, a business owner, and a trained coach. Alison is known for creating a safe space for her clients to share challenges and dreams, hopes, and goals. Her coaching style is trauma-informed and resilience-focused. She guides clients to uncover new possibilities and make actionable plans to craft habits, goals, and communication to promote flourishing at work and in life. She loves job crafting and coaching non-traditional leaders and managers to build the confidence and worldview they need to succeed and thrive with joy.

  • Allison Li

    Allison Li

    With 10+ years of experience in technology, humanitarian logistics, and public health with Amazon, CDC, and CNN Medical Chanel, Allison continues to help mid/senior level engineers and managers to improve wellbeing through coaching. Praised as trusted and effective, she takes a pragmatic approach to elevate personal strengths. Allison currently serves on the Board of Directors for ICF Austin Chapter; she is also a certified MBTI practitioner and Project Management Professional (PMP). She holds master's degrees in engineering and public policy. Clients enjoy a supportive long-term partnership with Allison on wellbeing and leadership topics.

  • Angela Dash, PhD

    Angela Dash, PhD

    PhD, Conflict Analysis and Resolution; MPA, HR Management; Professional Certified Coach (PCC); SHRM Senior Certified Professional Angela is a certified coach through the International Coach Federation with 20 years of leadership experience. As a principal in her firm, she partners with individuals and organizations from diverse industries and geographical locations through coaching, group facilitation, professional development training and organizational conflict management services. She is a compassionate and provoking thought-partner, who supports and challenges others in becoming more self-aware, in fully exploring their interests and needs, and in creating both the vision and action plan to leverage their strengths in favor of their personal and professional goals.

  • Anitha Reddy

    Anitha Reddy

    MS, Organizational Behavior and Executive Coaching; Professional Certified Coach (PCC); ACTP Certified Coach Anitha brings more than 15 years of diverse experience to her coaching practice. After starting her career in the field of information technology. After beginning to help others with self-improvement, career growth, executive function, communication strategies, and culture change, she shifted her career focus to coaching. Through her work as an executive coach, Anitha guides perpetually-unsatisfied goal-setters to celebrate what’s going right, tap into the now without judgment, and cultivate self-compassion. Her mission is to help people be happier and more successful.

A healthy culture starts with Bravely

Offering individualized coaching as a benefit is an impactful show of support - it signals to your people that you’re investing in their workplace wellness.