The best way to support employees being laid off in today’s environment is with coaching.

Bravely coaching for exited employees is:

  • Action-Oriented
    Give people what they really need to move forward after a layoff.
  • Affordable
    Flexible and cost-effective packages are available to set up immediate support for your team.
  • Real support
    Our coaches help your employees find emotional balance, manage stress, and plan their futures.

Learn more about coaching for exited employees

The best way to support employees being laid off in today’s environment is with coaching.

The Problem

We’re in a challenging moment, and valued employees will have to be let go — this is the painful reality many companies are facing.

  • In this moment of acute stress and uncertainty, employees have unique needs that aren't solved by traditional outplacement services.

  • Companies seeking cost-effective ways to give meaningful support to the people they're laying off will need to look past traditional outplacement.

How Bravely can help

Bravely is professional coaching for the moments it's needed most — including after a layoff.

  • Expert guidance

    We give your exited employees access to one-on-one coaching, designed to empower them to identify their strengths, manage priorities, and stay accountable to next steps.

  • Emotional support

    Our professional coaches can help exited employees find emotional balance, manage stress, and build their resilience when they need it most.

  • Action plan

    Exited employees can expect to leave their sessions with clear and realistic next steps, created in collaboration with their coach.

What employees are saying

  • "Hakemia helped me reflect on my past work experience and provided me with advice on how to position myself going forward. She helped give me the confidence to navigate interview topics that might come up and how to address them. I look forward to my future career and success and Bravely helped me get to that place quickly. It's hard when you don't have someone you can talk to about work related issues or an HR representative. I highly recommend this app and service. " — Karla

Bravely coaching is available for employees who have been laid off, as well as your “stay team.” Get in touch to learn more about our alternative outplacement support and our competitive pricing. 

How it works

Our coaches (we call them “Pros”) provide employees with emotional support and actionable guidance: helping them address their needs throughout this career transition, and giving them the tools they need to move forward.



Our Pros—seasoned Human Resources professionals and certified coaches—are rigorously vetted and continually evaluated.



Pros leverage Bravely’s Momentum Method to help employees develop critical skills, shift their perspectives, and form a game plan.



Our app allows users to access Bravely from anywhere, so they can be matched with a Pro for a session as soon as same-day.