Professional employee coaching, whenever your people need it

Bravely coaching is:

  • On-Demand.
    The support your people need, when they need it
  • Confidential.
    A safe resource for processing challenges in the workplace and preparing to have productive internal conversations
  • Individualized.
    One-on-one support that meets people where they are

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Professional employee coaching, whenever your people need it

Equitable access to meaningful employee coaching and skill development

Bravely makes it possible to reach every employee with the in-the-moment support they need to do their best work. Whether you’re addressing employee underperformance or disengagement, we provide the support employees need to navigate constant change, uncertainty, and beyond.

Additionally, Bravely supports human resources with onboarding new employees, coaching current employees to achieve success in their roles, and honing skills for managers and up-and-coming talent.

  • Just-in-time

    Employees can book a session with a coach (we call them “Pros”) any time they want to chat, as soon as same-day.

  • Confidential

    Conversations are confidential, so employees can feel comfortable speaking freely, and get to clarity faster.

  • Specialized

    Our Pros have the skills needed to help employees resolve conflict, communicate more effectively, and grow as leaders.

Drive change across all levels of your company

Our sessions help employees “unblock” themselves, do their best work, and contribute to healthy workplace cultures.

  • 91%

    of employees report they are more likely and more prepared to take a next step.

  • 94%

    of employees report feeling more positive about their work circumstances.

  • 88%

    of employees report they learned something in their session they can apply to their work.

Easy to get started

We know it’s hard to launch something new — even something that can really help — in a high-pressure time. We make it easy.

  • Flexible terms

    We offer flexible contracts and payment schedules to accommodate your needs.

  • Scale

    We make it possible and affordable to give everyone on your team equitable access to the specialized, individual support they need right now at a cost you can support.

  • Simple to launch

    We shoulder the work of launching, providing everything you need to get your people working Bravely, informed by your custom needs.

You want what’s best for your team, especially in this time of acute need. Get in touch to get started on bringing Bravely to your team.

How it works

Our coaches (we call them “Pros”) provide employees with objective, unbiased, and actionable guidance: helping them stay motivated, manage stress, and build resilience, all while giving them the tools they need to go forward



Our Pros—seasoned Human Resources professionals and certified coaches—are rigorously vetted and continually evaluated.



Pros leverage Bravely’s Momentum Method to help employees develop critical skills, shift their perspectives, and form a game plan.



Keep your fingers on your organization’s pulse with our reports on the trends you care about most as a People leader—all while maintaining confidentiality.

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