June 22, 2021

When should I go to Bravely vs. my manager or HR?

Bravely is here as your partner in creating your best life at work.

We know your relationships with your manager and HR team are vital. A Bravely Pro doesn’t take their place, but we can help you have more productive conversations and actions inside your company.

Think of your session with your Pro as a “first step.”

Here are a few reasons you might decide to talk to a Bravely Pro:

You need some help framing your situation.

Maybe you’re having an issue with your manager but aren’t sure how to articulate it. Or you could be feeling stuck in your role and not sure why. Your Pro can help you name your challenges and communicate your needs effectively—equipping you to have a more productive internal conversation.

You want an outside perspective.

It can be easy to succumb to tunnel vision at work and lose perspective. This is especially true when you’re struggling or overwhelmed — which then creates a vicious cycle. A brief session with a Pro is a great way to metaphorically “step back” and look at your situation from a new angle. You may uncover solutions that you wouldn’t have thought of alone.

You want to develop skills or communication strategies.

You can work with a Bravely Pro on skills like giving and receiving feedback, managing up, communication skills, growing as a leader, and more. You might come to a session with a specific skill in mind, or you might identify new opportunities for growth during the course of the conversation.

You want the conversation to be confidential.

Bravely’s perfect for cases where you’re dealing with a sensitive situation that you want to approach carefully and aren’t quite ready to discuss internally. Every conversation that you have with your Bravely Pro is completely confidential, so you can feel comfortable being open and honest about whatever is on your mind. In fact, we’ll ask you for your personal email when you create your account so that any communication about your session is separate from your work accounts.

What are you waiting for?

Coaching works! After their first session, 92% of employees using Bravely say they’re more likely to go forward and address their situation with their manager or HR team. That’s because they’ve been given the tools and the confidence they need to take action. One person told us:

My Pro was incredibly helpful, empathetic, and encouraging! It was so helpful to voice all of my concerns to a third party and talk through different scenarios. I now feel confident that with preparation, I’ll be able to achieve what I want to. It feels great to have a path forward.

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