June 22, 2021

What can Bravely help me do?

Bravely Pros are professional coaches and HR experts with years of experience across organizations and industries. When you work with a Bravely Pro, you can come away with a perspective shift, an actionable game plan, and critical new skills.

Here are just some of the things Bravely can help you do as you build your best life at work:

Working relationships

Communicate and collaborate productively across teams. Work with a Pro to set strategies for using online communication effectively and reaping the benefits of collaboration — even while working apart or in a hybrid workplace.

Establish a strong relationship with your boss. A Pro can help you identify your manager’s goals and communication style. With a better understanding of your manager, and some strategies for helping them understand you, you’ll be ready to work with them more effectively than ever.

Be a better manager. Even the most experienced managers run into new challenges or find new opportunities to grow in their roles as leaders. Our Pros can help you become the nurturing, motivating manager you’ve always wanted to have.

Company culture

Get comfortable with organizational change. A period of change at work can be an exciting time, a chance to positively shape the future and explore a new set of possibilities. It can also pose challenges, like adjustment pains and a sense of uncertainty. However you respond to change, a Bravely coach can help you form a plan to navigate it successfully and come out the other side more ready for the next challenge.

Acclimate to a new team. A Pro can help you work on building strong relationships with new colleagues. Decode your new team’s micro-culture and start your working relationships on the right foot.

Be the change. Everyone wants to work in an environment where they can feel comfortable and safe to do their best work. Talk with a Pro about how you can be part of a healthy culture at your company, including connecting with people you otherwise might not work with and providing meaningful support where it’s needed. 

Performance and role

Get “unstuck.” One time or another, we’ve all been in a rut or felt uninspired. A Pro can support you in regaining perspective and energizing yourself to take the right action for you.

Prepare for a performance review. Whether it’s a weekly 1-on-1 or your annual review, Pros can help you highlight what you’ve accomplished and take constructive feedback gracefully. 

Set goals that count. Working one-on-one with a Bravely Pro, you can design SMART goals that motivate you and contribute to your success, prepare to talk about your goals with your manager and team, and form an accountability partnership to stay on track going forward.

Growth and development

Create your future. Professional success and fulfillment are ongoing pursuits. There’s always more to learn, and more ways to become our best selves at work. Coaching is a tool for figuring out what’s holding you back and getting those blockers out of your way.

Give feedback that works. Few people relish giving difficult feedback, but it’s a crucial skill. A Pro can help you assess and refine your feedback chops, including via roleplay exercises.

Own your influence. A Bravely coach can be your partner in building your influencing style at work, empowering you to have a powerful positive impact on your organization — and your own success.


Be ready for anything. You may not know what the future holds, but you can still feel prepared for it. Coaching helps you see a situation from all angles and get into the resilient, agile, and confident mindset you need to handle whatever comes your way.

Keep calm. Pros are here to help you find balance within yourself and maintain a hopeful outlook amidst stress. Reach an understanding of what you can and cannot control to clear a path forward. 

Find empowerment. Working with a Pro can help you to more effectively express your emotions, empowering you to advocate for yourself and take control of your own next steps.

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