March 21, 2022

How Bravely can support you as a new hire

Congratulations on your new role! Starting a new job is exciting. At times, it can also be challenging, especially true during your first ninety days. You have new teammates, new responsibilities, and are still getting the lay of the land. So how can our Pros help you get off to the best possible start?

You can book a coaching session to work one-on-one on topics like:

Owning your onboarding

Studies show that employees who are proactive about their own onboarding will likely receive increased attention and support from their managers—and be happier in turn. Our Pros can help you make sure that you’re setting yourself up for success during your first few weeks.

Navigating a new culture

Every company has its own vibe—and chances are that your new company culture is going to feel pretty different. Our Pros can help you figure out how to read organizational cues so you understand how people operate, why things work the way they do, and why it matters to you.

Building trust with your manager

Different managers have different styles, including when it comes to giving feedback, receiving updates on your progress, and nurturing your performance and development. Our Pros can help you identify the most effective ways to communicate with your new boss.

Executing your “early wins”

Most people hope to impress their new teammates and manager in their first few months. Hitting the ground running with an “early win” sets you up for lasting success. Our Pros can help you determine what it means to “win” and figure out what you need to do to get there.

Settings clear expectations

As you start out, it’s important to make sure that you understand what’s expected of you. Our Pros can help you get comfortable asking for clarity if you don’t have it, and set expectations early so that you and your team are on the same page—now and later.

Developing strong relationships

It’s important to develop strong relationships — not just with your manager, but with anybody who has an impact on your growth and success. Our Pros can help you identify those who are “key influencers” and take the steps necessary to create your own network of connections.

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