May 04, 2021

Introducing: Bravely Library

People working Bravely can now find a wealth of articles, webinars, and Daily Moments series from within the Bravely app.

What’s in the Library?

The Library is the hub for all Bravely content. You can think of it as a new way to “work Bravely” — visit it to continue learning about the topics you’re discussing with your coach, or explore something else. Just like one-on-one coaching, our resources aren’t meant to hand you all the answers, but instead to help shape your thinking and get you to ask yourself the right questions.

There are three main types of content available in the Library:

  • Articles: Written in a digestible blog-post format, these are a great way to make the most of minutes. Topics of popular articles include impostor syndrome, managing up, and remote work practices to take with you into the “next normal” of hybrid work.
  • Webinars: Our live webinars are hosted by Bravely Pros and scheduled with employees across the globe in mind. Most are about 30 minutes in length. You’ll also find recordings of past webinars, on topics including building influence and responding to microaggressions.
  • Daily Moments: Bravely’s micro-coaching program delivering bite-sized reflections, actions, and exercises into your inbox. We recommend signing up for one series at a time to get the most out of them.
    • Inclusion: Everyone has the power to make a positive impact on inclusion and belonging at their organization. This three-week series helps you make inclusion a part of your everyday practice at work.
    • Tools to Thrive: There are five key skills that make or break your ability to thrive in all phases of your career. This five-week series introduces you to those skills and supports you in building them.
    • Intentions and Goals: This three-week series is a blueprint for a goal-setting process that works, taking you from a big-picture intention all the way to celebrating your results.

Exploring the Library

Once you’ve entered the Library, there are a few different ways to discover new content.


Content is sorted into five “Themes.” You might recognize them — they match the themes you choose from when booking a coaching session:

  • Working relationships: Build and maintain healthy, productive connections.
  • Growth and development: Strengthen skills to reach your full potential.
  • Stress: Cope with stress and prevent burnout.
  • Performance and role: Supercharge your performance and design your future.
  • Company culture: Navigate and influence your working environment.


Recommended content is curated in “Collections.” More will become available over time.

  • For me: Go deeper — based on the content you’ve viewed.


Enter keywords like “manager” or “performance review” into the search bar to find resources on a specific topic.

Sort and filter

From within most views, can use the sort feature to see the most popular and most recent content. You can also filter to see only Articles, Webinars, or Daily Moments.

We’re excited to continue rolling out new content and features in the Library. Here’s to working Bravely!

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