October 04, 2021

Bravely Awards Inaugural Scholarships in NYU Coaching Programs

Scholarship Awards Support Talented Students from Diverse Backgrounds Enrolled in the MS in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting & Executive Coaching Certificate Programs

In 2020, the NYU School of Professional Studies (NYU SPS) , Division of Programs in Business (DPB), Human Capital Management Department and Bravely, an innovative platform that connects people to on-demand confidential coaching, joined forces committing to fund scholarships for students enrolled in the Department’s MS in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting & Executive Coaching  and Professional Coaching Certificate Programs. The goal of these scholarships is to advance diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) in the coaching industry.

Recently, the three inaugural scholarship recipients were chosen to receive funding that will help them to complete their studies. They are: Rachael Arthur and Renae Williams, who are enrolled in the Certificate in Executive Coaching program and who will receive funding of $8,750 each towards their tuition; and Ray Gonzales, a student in the MS in Executive Coaching and Organizational Consulting, who will receive a $7,500 scholarship for the fall semester. In addition to the funding, these Coaching Fellows will serve as apprentice members within the Bravely Pro network, augmenting their academic learning with real-world experience.

“It is increasingly critical for the coaching industry to diversify the pool of professional and executive coaches within its ranks, and this generous scholarship program established by Bravely ensures that we continue to educate talented individuals from across the spectrum in serving the modern workplace,” said Anna Tavis, PhD, clinical professor and academic director of the Human Capital Management Department at NYU SPS. 

“Bravely’s funding of the scholarship highlights our belief in the importance of centering DEIB work in the coaching field,” asserted Sarah Sheehan, co-founder and president of Bravely. “We are excited to invest in coaching talent that shares our commitment to providing equitable access to coaching and empowering companies to build inclusive high-performing teams.” 

The three scholarship winners hail from diverse backgrounds and experiences:

Bravely Coaching Fellows Rachael Arthur and Renae Williams

Rachel Arthur is currently the deputy director of career readiness at the Urban Assembly, where she provides consulting, training, and professional development for public school educators to develop high-quality college and career readiness programs. Previously, she was a career coach at the Flatiron School and an independent coach for private clients. She is a StartingBloc Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fellow and a graduate of the Landmark Forum. Arthur also teaches dance and performs in musical theater. 

Renae Williams has more than 10 years of experience in developing, leading, and facilitating racial literacy; in promoting equity in computer science; and in devising roadmaps for sustainable program delivery within schools with over 300+ school leaders, employees, and senior leadership. She has worked as a consultant for racial literacy and content development for leading ed tech organizations. Previously, she designed and implemented the first Career Development Week + Career Pathways & Resources Fair within NYC’s Dept of Education, which oversees the largest school district in the nation. Williams convened HR managers and leaders from across departments to reflect upon and to understand systemic oppression, evaluate their own racial competence, and critically evaluate their hiring practices—from job description cultivation to hiring and retention.

Bravely Coaching fellow: Ray Gonzales

Ray Gonzales is a coach and consultant who works with individuals and organizations that are going through transitions, helping them to bring clarity, support, and empowerment that serves to create high-performance cultures. Prior to starting his current practice, Gonzales spent several years in financial services, fashion, entertainment, and media. His last corporate assignment was at a New York City-based investment bank.

For Arthur, who has spent over 15 years teaching in and supporting public school education, the Bravely Scholarship is more than just a financial award. “Receiving this scholarship allows me to study at a world-class institution—NYU—under the guidance of some of the most credentialed and talented coaches in the industry. Furthermore, I am thrilled that I will serve as an apprentice with Bravely and will be able to supplement my classroom learning with real-world experiences.” 

Fellow scholarship recipient, Renae Williams concurred, “I will be able to combine the education from NYU SPS and my own professional experience to impact change within organizations that will help to create inclusive systems, policies, organizational culture, and development with a lens toward equity, belonging, and diversity.”

 For media inquiries, please contact Alka Gupta at aag13@nyu.edu or Michael DeMeo at michael.demeo@nyu.edu,

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