March 21, 2022

How Bravely can support you as a manager

It can feel like a manager’s work is never done. Between motivating your team, delegating tasks, and making tough decisions, how do you make time for your own needs and development? That’s where Bravely comes in. You can book a coaching session to work one-on-one on topics like:

Building relationships

Our Coaches can guide you as you develop a plan to establish strong working relationships that last—with your direct reports, your peers, and your own manager. Skills like active listening, understanding others’ needs, and setting boundaries can be built over time in coaching, or fine-tuned in role play.

Giving feedback

Performance improves in a culture where feedback flows in all directions. Giving feedback (positive or constructive) can be difficult—a Coach can help you think about other perspectives, to lean into the discomfort and give feedback that helps your direct reports do their best work.

Coaching your team to success

A huge part of your job as a manager is empowering your team to do their best work. That’s its own skill set: leading by example, nurturing talent, and laying the groundwork for your people to grow are all things that have to be learned. Work with your Coach to build up those skills.

Managing your time

How do you prioritize everything that’s on your plate? What’s the most efficient way to keep up with what your direct reports are doing? The answers are different for everyone, and your Coach can help you find yours.

Developing your career

Supporting your direct reports in their professional growth doesn’t have to mean forgetting about your own career goals. A Coach can help you hone your leadership style, communicate your goals, and build a career path.

What manager doesn’t want to affect company culture for the better? It’s entirely achievable with a little support from a Bravely Coach.

“[My Coach] quickly understood my issue and what my challenges are. She was easy to talk to and had excellent suggestions for me to get started on right away. I really enjoyed talking with an expert outside of the company.”

Anonymous manager, Bravely user

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