Employee coaching at your fingertips

Bravely increases employee engagement and performance with individualized, company-wide coaching. Plus, it’s easy to implement – once your company signs up, our team will guide you through a seamless rollout.

How Bravely sessions work

What to expect once you sign up for coaching with Bravely


Simple and intuitive onboarding

Rolling Bravely out to your entire organization is easy - we’ll provide you with email templates and an introductory webinar to get your team started.

Increase Performance

Increase performance and productivity

Bravely’s team of experienced coaches provide strategies to increase employee engagement, retention, and performance. Whether challenges stem from inside or outside the workplace, our Coaches partner with your employees to get them through the moments that matter.

Employee Insights

Insight into organizational trends and data

Get access to aggregate data and anonymized feedback, so you can be proactive on insights that surface from coaching sessions.

Confidential Coaching

Speak with a coach in confidence

You'll have unlimited access to confidential, one-to-one coaching sessions, so you can speak freely with a trusted confidante before approaching conversations within your company.

Gain New Skills

Navigate challenges as they arise

Bravely coaches act as a sounding board to help you navigate challenges and move forward. They'll partner with you to identify objectives, brainstorm options, and form action plans.


Access on-demand resources

You'll have access to the continued learning Library featuring skill-building resources, recorded webinars, and micro-coaching journeys.

Meet the coaches providing career coaching for every employee's needs

Partner with Bravely to increase employee engagement and performance

Learn more about how Bravely can help you build a healthier culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications do Bravely coaches have?

Bravely Coaches have on average 11 years of experience and have backgrounds in HR, organizational development and coaching. We have a rigorous vetting process to ensure our Coaches are equipped to coach any employee, regardless of the sensitivity of the situation. Beyond the vetting, we have a thorough process for onboarding new coaches as well as ongoing quality assurance. Every new coach has a debrief with our head coach after their first 20 sessions. Because of that rigor, we are VERY confident in the quality of our coach network. Most coaching networks offer a larger quantity of coaches but do not have as rigorous a process for vetting and ongoing quality assurance.

Does Bravely use assessments for coaching?

Assessments have traditionally been used as an anchor to bookend a programmatic coaching engagement. Since Bravely is not a programmatic coaching solution, we do not use assessment tools to measure an individual's progress. However, our coaches are experienced in using assessments to coach and we make it easy for our Coaches to coach around other assessments that you might use internally (e.g., performance reviews, peer feedback, assessment tools such as Insights Discovery, HBDI, MBTI).