August 24, 2021

Announcing Bravely’s $15M Series A Fundraise to Improve Work for Everyone

Bravely’s mission to make life at work better for everyone and that’s why we’re excited to announce our $15M Series A, led by Telescope Partners. This funding will accelerate our journey to provide equitable access to coaching and empower companies to build inclusive, high-performing teams. Read the full press release here.

 “The world of work is undergoing the biggest change we’ve seen in our lifetimes,” says Sarah Sheehan, Bravely’s Co-Founder and President. “The competition for talent right now is unprecedented, and there’s more attention than ever on the tools companies offer to support their employees’ growth and development. The choice is: rise to meet the new standards, or lose your most valuable asset, which is your people.”

With this investment we will expand personalization and automation within our platform and develop powerful new data capabilities, allowing us to serve a broader spectrum of diverse, individual employee needs.

“Each person’s experience and needs at work are unique, and individual coaching has tremendous power to unlock performance and maximize potential,” says Toby Hervey, Co-Founder and CEO of Bravely. “With our technology-forward approach and scalable pricing model enabling access to coaching for everyone at every level, Bravely is helping companies cultivate cultures of belonging and success.”

Professional coaching has never been more necessary than now, and that is clear from the demands we’ve seen at all levels of organizations. As a result, Bravely’s business has grown dramatically, quadrupling over the past year.  Today, Bravely is used by employees in over 68 countries and 33 languages at companies including Autodesk, Flexport, The New York Times, Better Mortgage, Harry’s, Nasdaq, Pinterest, Samsara, Twilio, Zillow Group, and Yelp. We’re excited for this next phase of our journey to expand our reach and impact. Our partners at Autodesk and Flexport said it best:

“We launched Bravely at the start of the pandemic, launched to our HR team globally and to managers on a global basis, as an additional tool to help support and navigate the new world…It enables us to stay on top of trends that we might be seeing within Autodesk, and it aligns really well with what we’re seeing more broadly in the world” – Terry VanQuickenborne, Head of Learning and Organizational Development, Autodesk

“At Flexport we are committed to providing a career-defining experience for our people, and coaching is an essential part of that experience.” – Jennifer Longnion, Chief Impact Officer, Flexport

The work place is rapidly changing and it’s critical that companies offer new tools that provide individualized support for their people. Access to our network of professional coaches fosters well-being and development to help individuals unlock their potential and thrive.

The funding round was led by Telescope Partners with participation from prior investors Primary Ventures, Bling Capital, Correlation Ventures, RiverPark Ventures, and Tuesday Fund, as well as new investor SemperVirens Venture Capital. We are eager to continue shifting the world of work toward the future. Lastly, we could not do this work without our incredible community. We are deeply grateful to have you on this journey with us. 

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