March 15, 2022

Remote Work Matters, But Not as Much as Equitable Treatment of Employees and Career Management Support, Bravely Survey Finds

Survey explored what employees are seeking in their current or next role, data to inform companies what is competitive to attract and retain talent

New York, NY – March 15, 2022 –  Bravely, the on-demand coaching platform that is transforming the way companies support and develop their employees, today announced results for their workplace survey to determine the ideal employee experience. Designed to inform companies what they need to prioritize to retain or attract talent, especially amidst the workplace shift resulting from COVID-19, the survey revealed that investment in individualized support and career management support top the charts. 

US employees that are currently seeking, or are employed by, a company with a standard 40 hour work week participated in the survey and it revealed the following insights about remote work:

  • Respondents were split about what type of environment they are seeking: One quarter of respondents (25%) would like to work full-time in an office, 28% would like a hybrid model, and 34% would like to be completely remote or flexible with no structure  
  • Just under half of respondents (46%) would not continue in the interview process for a company if it did not offer any ability to work remotely
  • 65% of respondents shared that the ability to work remotely is more important today than it was before Covid-19 and March 2020 
  • When asked to rank benefits, survey respondents ranked “investment in career growth” as one of the top three benefits; the other top responses were total compensation and paid vacation 

“The insight that not being able to work remotely is a dealbreaker for less than half of employees is a reminder that, while flexibility is important, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions and making investments in individual careers needs to be a priority,” says Sarah Sheehan, Co-Founder and President of Bravely. “Data about the employee experience is one of the only items that allow companies to make shifts that improve culture and ultimately, employee retention. 

Feeling supported at work, or a company prioritizing the individual employee experience, was another area that stood out in the survey data. Here is what respondents shared about career management support: 

  • When asked how employers can show how they are committed, 63% of survey respondents ranked the ability to speak with management as the top answer while 58% noted that employers who take time to understand employees’ needs and learning style is a way to show commitment
  • Outside of company benefits, respondents ranked fair treatment, assistance with work-related stress, and positive work relationships as the most important employee needs
  • More than 68% of respondents say it is important for a company to show commitment to DEIB through action (37.04% say extremely important, 31.06% say somewhat important)
  • Over half of respondents have left a company, or not continued in the interview process because of the overall benefits were not up to industry standards (54%) 
  • More than 70% of respondents say it is important that a company offers mental health resources (39.53% say extremely important, 32.06% say somewhat important)
  • Of all the ways employers can show employees they are committed to you as an employee, ability to speak with management on concerns tops the chart (63%)
  • Nearly three-quarters (74%) think medical health insurance is the bare minimum benefits for employees to offer, this stood out amongst other benefits such as paid vacation time (64.78%) and retirement accounts (44%) 
  • More than 75% of employees (48% extremely important, 29% somewhat important) think their relationship with their manager is important
    • More than half of respondents (57%) have left a job due to a poor relationship with a manager 
    • Of those, 54% sought support, and 29% tried to work it out with their manager but were unsuccessful. 

Bravely was built with the mission of empowering everyone to build their best life at work. Today, Bravely is used by employees in over 68 countries and 33 languages at companies including Autodesk, Better Mortgage, Harry’s, Nasdaq, Pinterest, Samsara, Zillow Group, and Yelp.

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About Bravely: Bravely connects people to on-demand confidential coaching in the moments that matter across the employee experience. Access to Bravely’s network of vetted professional coaches fosters well-being and development to supercharge performance and help people thrive. When leading organizations offer Bravely to everyone, they scale the support offered by their People teams and managers, and transform their cultures in an evolving world of work.

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Bella Ingemi, Clarity PR 


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