June 02, 2022

How PTC empowered their employees to navigate change

As the workforce navigates a path forward in the new normal, pre-pandemic methods of supporting employees are no longer enough. As people leaders evaluate the resources they provide for employees, a scalable yet individualized approach is imperative to organizational well-being. 

Recently Sarah Sheehan, Bravely’s Co-Founder and President, met with Kelly Rider, VP, Chief Learning Officer at PTC for a webinar, “How Coaching Empowers Your Organization to Navigate Change.” During the discussion, Kelly shared the changes her organization faced earlier this year and how PTC partnered with Bravely to help employees navigate. 

“Coaching gives people access to a human that they work through…their issues in the moments that matter for them and that [was something] I could bring … that scaled across the organization. There’s no way I could have ever been able to do that with the staffing that we have.”

— Kelly Rider, VP, Chief Learning Officer at PTC.

Transformation at PTC 

PTC is an innovative software company currently focused on transforming from a more traditional background to a high-tech, SaaS-focused organization. In the midst of digital transformation, their organization underwent leadership changes with a new Chief People Officer. In addition, the People team sought to better organize HRIS data and started the huge undertaking of implementing a new performance management platform. 

To top it all off, adjusting to remote work amid the pandemic proved to be yet another challenge. These significant changes meant that PTC’s nimble People team needed a strategy to effectively scale support for their people to be able to effectively adapt and move forward. 

Partnership with Bravely to support employees through change

These organizational changes led PTC to adopt Bravely as a key driver to increase employee engagement and help shape career development and success. Bravely has been pivotal in creating culture transformation that meets PTC’s goal of attracting and retaining today’s most talented, intellectually curious individuals.

PTC initially rolled out coaching to strategically support employee resource groups and leadership. Providing support at the leadership level helped focus and up-level conversations around performance, growth, working relationships, and company culture. This enabled a top-down method for effective change management across the organization. Coaches helped leaders develop a path forward to set employees up for success.

“If managers anticipate that they’re going to have a difficult conversation, we always prompt them to go talk to their Bravely coach and roleplay through, get feedback, get some guidance that they can use to take to that conversation”

— Kelly Rider, VP, Chief Learning Officer at PTC

Charting the path forward

As PTC looks to the future, the next phase in its change management strategy will be supporting employees in a flexible work environment that works best for them. With a plan to reopen offices, there is a need for continued individual support as employees work together across different locations. For PTC, Bravely is a core extension of their team to ensure that employees are adequately equipped to do their best work. 

“I am fully using this coaching experience and getting more and more benefits from it as we go. It is certainly a journey of auto-discovery with endless benefits. The more you dig, the more you can improve. Thank you to my coach for taking me on this wonderful journey.”— PTC employee

To hear more about how Bravely helped PTC employees navigate change, watch the webinar

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