We call them Pros. You’ll call them your secret weapon.

Our Pros help people find the clarity and confidence needed to address whatever's holding them back from success. The result: they’re happier, more productive, and more likely to go forward.

Who they are

Our Pros are seasoned HR professionals and certified coaches with years of experience across organizations and industries.

Seasoned and certified

Our Pros have an average of 16 years of experience and certifications from the International Coach Federation and more.

Carefully vetted and trained

Our Pros go through rigorous background and reference checks, and complete mock sessions before joining the team.

Continually evaluated

Our Pros are monitored for quality on an ongoing basis, and must maintain high satisfaction ratings to be able to hold sessions.

How they’re matched

While all of our Pros are briefed on the organizations we serve, we take care to match employees with the right coach based on a number of factors.

Employee need

Our Pros specialize in areas including conflict resolution, organizational psychology, and talent development. Employees are matched to the Pro most qualified to support them with their specific issue.


We evaluate employee seniority to make sure that senior leaders are matched with Pros that specialize in leadership development and executive coaching.

Background and experience

Some employees may prefer a coach whose identities or experience overlap with their own. We accommodate these requests as much as possible from our diverse population of Pros.

The Momentum Method

The Momentum Method drives intentional action, giving employees what they need to keep moving forward.

1. Discovery

Explore needs and desired outcomes.

2. Perspective taking

Seek to understand other viewpoints and forces at play.

3. Mapping

Identify potential courses of action and choose a path.

4. Strategy and synthesis

Develop a specific game plan, including accountability. Practice new skills and end positively.

Why it works

Briefed to understand the ins and outs

Pros are briefed on all of the organizations they serve, learning about everything from programs and policies to company values and cultural nuances.

Trained to always be objective

They’re able to give the objective and neutral guidance that helps employees arrive at a resolution that they might not get to on their own.

A completely confidential resource

Every conversation that a Pro has with an employee is completely confidential: giving employees the ability to speak openly and honestly about whatever is on their mind.

Pro Spotlight

Maureen Kennedy

Maureen brings more than two decades of diverse experience to her coaching practice. A former founder, she ran her own entrepreneurial consulting practice before joining the Karen Harvey Consulting Group in New York City. There, she served as managing director for close to a decade, leading operations, finance, and human resources. As Bravely's Head Pro, she manages the company’s fast-growing network of coaching professionals, leading recruiting, onboarding, training, and ongoing development. She loves coaching and counseling employees at every stage of their career, from entry level to the C-suite.

Angela Dash

Angela is a certified coach through the International Coach Federation with 20 years of leadership experience. As a principal in her firm, she partners with individuals and organizations from diverse industries and geographical locations through coaching, group facilitation, professional development training and organizational conflict management services. She is a compassionate and provoking thought-partner, who supports and challenges others in becoming more self-aware, in fully exploring their interests and needs, and in creating both the vision and action plan to leverage their strengths in favor of their personal and professional goals.

Interested in helping employees work Bravely?

We’re always looking for coaches to join our team. To learn more about our recruiting process, get in touch.