While no two employees (or situations) are the same, we’ve developed a session framework that helps drive people down a decision-making funnel and arrive at an outcome that works for them.

The “DNA” of a Bravely session

1. Discovery

At the start of your session, your Pro will work with you to establish a goal for the call. Do you want to prepare for a tough conversation? Are you looking for tips as a new manager? From there, they’ll ask questions that help them better understand your situation, and challenge any assumptions that might be holding you back from seeing the bigger picture.

2. Option identification

If you’ve ever been part of a brainstorming session, this will feel a bit like that. Your Pro will help you come up with a number of different strategies for addressing or resolving your issue, and go through the outcomes of each.

3. Game planning

Once you’ve selected an option, you and your Pro will walk through the next steps in detail. They’ll help you put together a timeline (or an action plan) and even talk through how the other person might respond if you’re preparing for a tough conversation.

4. Role playing

If your next step involves confronting your boss, manager, direct report, or HR team, you can choose to “rehearse” the conversation. This can help you feel less overwhelmed or intimidated by the prospect of talking about something uncomfortable.

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