Not sure what coaching is or why you should take advantage of Bravely? It’s simple: you’ll get neutral guidance and a fresh perspective that helps you keep moving forward toward success.

We give you what you need to unlock your own potential.

What is coaching?

At Bravely, we define coaching as a solutions-oriented, collaborative process of creating strategies and building skills to move forward and thrive at work.

What should I talk about?

You can talk to a Pro about anything that's holding you back from doing your best work, thriving in your role, or having your best possible life at work.

How am I supposed to find the time?

We're here to make this easy. You can book a call for before work, after work, during the day, or on the weekend. Your call can be as long or short as you want!

How do I know if coaching is for me?

More than 90% of employees who use Bravely say that their coaching session helped them take positive next steps. We're confident there's something in your life at work that could benefit from coaching.

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Pro Spotlight

Maureen Kennedy

MA, Social Organizational Psychology; Certified Mediator; Certified LTC Ombudsman

Maureen brings more than two decades of diverse experience to her coaching practice. Having co-founded an online clothing company, run a restaurant, and consulted for small business owners and big brands alike, she possesses a deep understanding of how organizations work and how people function within them. Prior to joining Bravely, she spent nine years focused on Human Resources and operations at the Karen Harvey Consulting Group in New York City.

Angela Dash

PhD, Conflict Analysis and Resolution; MPA; HR Management; Professional Certified Coach; SHRM Senior Certified Professional

Angela is a certified coach through the International Coach Federation with 20 years of leadership experience. As a principal in her firm, she partners with individuals and organizations from diverse industries and geographical locations through coaching, group facilitation, professional development training and organizational conflict management services. She is a compassionate and provoking thought-partner, who supports and challenges others in becoming more self-aware, in fully exploring their interests and needs, and in creating both the vision and action plan to leverage their strengths in favor of their personal and professional goals.

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