Confidential coaching in the moments you need it most.

Offered as a resource through your company, Bravely makes it easy to connect with a professional coach for a confidential conversation about your professional growth.

Bravely gives you what you need to thrive in key moments.

Any moment can make or break your life at work. We're here to support you in all of them, throughout your professional life.

Preparing for performance reviews

Improving coworker relationships

Learning how to influence or manage up

Getting a new outlook on a challenging situation

Getting out of a rut when you’re feeling stuck

Advancing within your organization

Our promise: confidential now and always.

Your conversations with Bravely are totally confidential. Your company will never know what you talk about—or that you booked a session in the first place.

We’re helping employees everywhere work just a little more Bravely.

“I talked to my Pro about a conversation I’m planning on having with my boss. We went through all the possible responses that I could expect which helped me plan for the unknown and feel a little less stressed.”

“My Bravely session was triggered by some recent developments at work, and I wasn’t sure anything at all could be done to help the situation. But my Pro was able to give me a dierent perspective that made me feel less anxious about the future. A true pro!”

How it works

Sessions take place over the phone or directly in your browser, and can be as short or long as you want—up to 45 minutes.

Log in

Using the Bravely app, you can book a session for any time that’s convenient for you— including before work, after work, or even on the weekends.

Meet your Pro

You’ll be matched with an experienced coach who can help you explore your situation unlock your own potential.

Go forward

You’ll leave your session with a new perspective and a game plan, feeling more prepared to approach a tough situation or conversation.

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