Whether you’re looking to improve company culture, strengthen your learning and development programs, develop a diversity and inclusion strategy, establish leadership training, or help your employees navigate change in the workplace, Bravely can help you support your most critical initiatives.

Despite the fact that U.S. companies spend upwards of $8 billion per year on diversity and inclusion, studies show that these programs and initiatives have failed to yield significant change. Studies show that employees from marginalized groups still choose not to speak up about the issues they’re facing at work for fear of retribution. With Bravely as part of your diversity and inclusion strategy, employees can connect with professional coaches for confidential conversations.


The skills employees need in order to thrive at work—like collaboration, empathy, and decision-making—are best retained when they’re put into action. Bravely connects people with professional coaching for the critical skills they need to do their best work. We're creating stronger teams through learning that sticks.

Whether the result of global events, M&A activity, shifts at the leadership level, or company-wide restructuring, organizational change can be incredibly difficult for individuals and teams. Companies are using Bravely coaching to keep their people engaged and grounded when high employee growth, re-organization, or other big changes threaten stability. Bravely can support your employees through uncertainty as they adapt to a new normal, helping them thrive in their roles and stay at their companies.

The best places to work are often the organizations that prioritize developing company culture. By connecting employees with professional coaches for confidential conversations, we give them an outlet to speak openly and often about whatever’s on their mind and the tools they need to improve their situation.

While companies spend billions of dollars annually on learning and organizational development, managers continue to lack the support and training they need to be effective leaders. As a result, their performance and relationships suffer. With Bravely, they can connect with professional coaches for confidential conversations that help them strengthen their communication and leadership skills.

Case studies

Helping a national fast-casual food chain support employees through disruptive organizational change.

As it prepared for a large transition across its corporate headquarters, a Fortune 1000 restaurant group knew they needed to take action to support their people, protect their productivity, and prevent the spread of toxic culture. They wanted to give employees a safe space to talk about what they were feeling without fear of awkwardness or retribution.

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Providing a multinational software organization with new ways to increase retention and improve culture.

After announcing major changes at the executive level and a shift in their business model, a large software services organization learned that employees felt unclear about their role and trajectory at the company—and that this issue was particularly pronounced among women and other under-represented groups.

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