Our clients are venture-backed startups and large enterprise organizations across technology, food and beverage, media, marketing, and more.

Headquartered in Seattle with a presence in Denver, San Francisco, and New York, Zillow owns companies including Trulia, Naked Apartments, Streeteasy, and more.

The Evernote Corporation is headquartered in Redwood City, California, with six other locations around the world. Their products include their namesake productivity app, as well as the Scannable and Web Clipper apps.

“People are terrified to bring concerns forward. [So] if you feel like you can’t trust your manager, if you’re scared to go to HR, who do you go to? By the time a problem usually gets to my team, it is spiraling out of our ability to diffuse the situation. [We started] thinking: how could we provide pathways and resources for people to get support in the workplace? We were doing a lot of research… and that’s when we found Bravely.”

Dan Spaulding, Chief People Officer at Zillow Group at Zillow Group

“Having [Bravely] is the right thing to do. If one person says because of a conversation they had, that paid for it, right there.”

Michelle Wagner, Former SVP of People at Evernote at Evernote

Case studies

Helping a national fast-casual food chain support employees through disruptive organizational change.

As it prepared for a large transition across its corporate headquarters, a Fortune 1000 restaurant group knew they needed to take action to support their people, protect their productivity, and prevent the spread of toxic culture. They wanted to give employees a safe space to talk about what they were feeling without fear of awkwardness or retribution.


Providing a multinational software organization with new ways to increase retention and improve culture.

After announcing major changes at the executive level and a shift in their business model, a large software services organization learned that employees felt unclear about their role and trajectory at the company—and that this issue was particularly pronounced among women and other under-represented groups.


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