Bravely solves the costliest issues facing company leaders today.

When employees avoid conversations with their managers and colleagues, they’re less productive and more likely to leave. Bravely improves engagement, retention, and culture overall.

Democratizing coaching to drive behavior change.

For years, coaching has been a benefit that was available only to executive and “high-potential” employees. At Bravely, we're making it available to the people who need it most in the moments they need it most—resulting in happier people and healthier organizations.

Just-in-time coverage

Employees can book a session with a coach (we call them “Pros”) any time they want to chat, as soon as same-day.

Complete confidentiality

Conversations are confidential, so employees can feel comfortable speaking freely (and get to clarity faster).

Specialized expertise

Our Pros have the skills needed to help employees resolve conflict, communicate more effectively, and more.

Build culture; drive success.

The sum of employees’ individual sessions with Bravely Pros is a stronger and healthier organization.

Foster a dialogue.

We help your company progress by giving people a new channel to safely express what they need.

Strengthen your team.

Our coaches empower employees on all levels with the skills to maintain productive working relationships.

Keep your best talent.

By opening the door for employees to get the support they need, Bravely can prevent regrettable turnover.

Progressive People leaders are already working Bravely.

“There aren’t one-size-fits-all resources that everyone feels comfortable using. Providing people with multiple places to go was intended for us to open that dialogue. I’d rather have those conversations happening and get people the coaching that they need than have a situation escalate.”

Jamie Viramontes,
VP of Talent, Chipotle

“People are terrified to bring concerns forward… If you feel like you can’t trust your manager, if you’re scared to go to HR, who do you go to? … [We started] thinking: how could we provide pathways and resources for people to get support in the workplace? We were doing a lot of research… and that’s when we found Bravely.”

Dan Spaulding,
Chief People Officer, Zillow Group

How it works

Whether they’re dealing with an acute and urgent issue or just feeling stuck in a rut, employees can book a session and get matched with a Pro at a time that’s convenient for them.

Employees log into the Bravely app and describe their situation

They pick a time and date that’s convenient (before work, after work, or on the weekend)

When it’s time for their sesion, they receive a call from their Pro

After their session, their Pro follows up to check in on their progress

We provide employers with the insights they need to take action.

While engagement surveys can be incredibly useful, they only tell one part of the story. We go beyond employee-reported behavior to share aggregated and de-identified insights from our Pros: providing HR teams with expert observations that can help them prioritize their attention.

Employee behavior

Employee behavior

We gather actionable insights about flight risk, productivity, and go-forward behavior.

Employee makeup

Employee makeup

We capture a snapshot of the employees that are using Bravely, focusing on title, tenure, and identity.

Session themes

Session themes

We help employers understand the most common issues and trends within their organizations.

It works.

Our employees are proof that our approach to coaching drives measurable behavior change.

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say they feel more positive about their future at their company after their session.


say they’re more likely to approach a difficult situation after their session.


say they wouldn’t have approached their leaders if not for Bravely.

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