Professional coaching that meets your people where they are

When employees feel supported and equipped to thrive in their roles, they’re more productive and more likely to stay. Bravely builds healthier cultures, one employee at a time.

Equitable access to meaningful support and skill development

Bravely makes it possible to reach every employee with the in-the-moment support they need to do their best work.


Employees can book a session with a coach (we call them “Pros”) any time they want to chat, as soon as same-day.


Conversations are confidential, so employees can feel comfortable speaking freely, and get to clarity faster.


Our coaches can support all aspects of a person’s life at work including their development and well-being.

Build culture; drive success.

The sum of employees’ individual sessions with Bravely Pros is a stronger and healthier organization.

Foster a dialogue.

We help your company progress by giving people a new channel to safely express what they need.

Strengthen your team.

Our coaches empower employees on all levels with the skills to maintain productive working relationships.

Keep your best talent.

By opening the door for employees to get the support they need, Bravely prevents regretted turnover.

Progressive People leaders are already working Bravely.

Bravely is a multiplier — it fortifies company culture, and makes the support you’ve put in place for your people more effective by an order of magnitude.”

Rachel Peck,
Director of Learning and Development, Harry's

“When a company doubles or triples its staff in a year, it’s challenging to make sure everyone feels valued. With support from Bravely, Samsara’s people can all be heard—coaching has given them a means of keeping perspective through times of potential stress.”

Melissa Yeh,
Head of People and Places, Samsara

How it works

Whether they’re dealing with an urgent issue or looking to develop professionally over time, employees can book a session and get paired with a Pro at a time that’s convenient for them.

Employees log into the Bravely app and describe their situation.

They select their language and schedule a time.

When it’s time for their session, they receive a call from their Pro.

After their session, their Pro follows up to check in on their progress.

We provide employers with the insights they need to take action.

We report back to your team with actionable insights drawn from your company’s aggregate usage data, showing you the trends you care about most as a people leader, all while maintaining individual confidentiality.

Employee behavior

Employee behavior

We gather actionable insights about flight risk, productivity, and attitude.

Employee makeup

Employee makeup

We capture a snapshot of the employees that are benefitting most from Bravely.

Session themes

Session themes

We help employers understand the most common issues and trends within their organizations.

Drive change across all levels of your company.

Our sessions help employees “unblock” themselves, do their best work, and contribute to healthy workplace cultures.

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of employees come to Bravely as potential flight risks.


of employees say they’re more prepared and more likely to address their situation proactively after a Bravely session.


of employees with two or more completed sessions report a more positive outlook on their future at their company.

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