February 09, 2022

Upcoming Events at Bravely

These days people leaders are working harder than ever to support their organizations. From pandemic uncertainty, to the Great Resignation, to the new challenges of remote and hybrid work, they are the go-to resource for seemingly everyone and everything. 

That’s why so many are joining the growing community of HR professionals looking to Bravely for solutions.  

At a Bravely event, you’ll hear about pressing issues facing people leaders today and receive actionable takeaways on how to solve them. Using data from thousands of Bravely coaching sessions and key insights from our experienced speakers, we host events that are meant to be immediately useful to our audience and to resonate with the reality of being an HR professional today.

So don’t wait — register for the events below and join the conversation.

Work Bravely: Empowering Women at Work with Reshma Saujani

May 12, 2 p.m. EST

  • Join Bravely to hear from Reshma Saujani on the call to action to rebuild post-pandemic work cultures to be more effective, empower women to advocate for themselves in the workplace, and foster accountability for business leaders in the movement for equality.

Cultivating Community Is Key In The Future of Work

May 18, 2 p.m. EST

  • The difference between creating space for connection and cultivating community (Happy hours/fun slack channels vs. meaningful, trust-building relationships built for longevity) 
  • How work communities support DEI initiatives and are the basis for inclusive cultures 
  • How individualized support can improve interpersonal relationships and strengthen communication skills leaders in the movement for equality

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