Is coaching what’s missing from your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts?

How Bravely can help you create a more inclusive environment for all your employees

Is coaching what’s missing from your diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts?

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The Problem:

Diversity, equity, and inclusion have found their way into our workplace lexicon. According to Workforce Management, companies spent more than $8 billion on D&I trainings in 2017, and this number is projected to continue growing. Why, then, are companies still struggling to support diverse talent in meaningful ways?

  • 50% of employees are unfamiliar with their companies’ diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, or unsure whether their companies even have these programs. (Bravely, Independent Research, 2019)

  • Companies who succeed in hiring diverse talent often struggle to retain these employees. In some industries, women turn over at 2x the rate of men, and Black and Latino employees are 3.5x more likely to leave their jobs compared to white and Asian colleagues. (Kapor Center, Tech Leavers Study, 2017)

  • Even the most robust diversity and inclusion programs fail to foster psychological safety. Eighty percent of LGBTQ+ employees say they avoid tough conversations because of negative experiences with past employers. (Bravely, Independent Research, 2019)

How Bravely can help

By offering underrepresented employees access to confidential coaching, HR leaders can provide their diverse talent with an outlet that feels safe from judgement or retribution. Coaches work outside the walls of employees’ companies, providing them with neutral and unbiased guidance around a variety of inclusion-related issues.

  • Equitable access:

    Bravely levels the playing field when it comes to professional development, providing access to people who might otherwise be overlooked. Employees from underrepresented groups benefit from confidential sessions with objective coaches, and tend to use Bravely at higher rates.

  • A safe first step:

    Bravely helps employees have difficult conversations without fear of retribution. 91% of employees say they wouldn’t have approached their leaders for a crucial conversation if they hadn’t spoken to Bravely first, according to post-session surveys. “I can't begin to express how important a service like this is, especially for women in the workplace, and I'm so grateful for the 45 mins that my Pro took to help me navigate a tricky interpersonal issue. I'm telling all my coworkers to use this service. Thank you for what you do.” — Bravely user

  • Actionable insights:

    Aggregated and de-identified data from employee conversations is shared with employers, helping them understand where to focus their ongoing diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

Organizations are more likely to thrive when employees feel that their perspectives are recognized and respected, and that their workplaces are safe and welcoming of all backgrounds and identities. To learn more about how Bravely can help you foster diversity and inclusion in the workplace, get in touch today.

How it works

Our coaches (we call them “Pros”) provide employees with objective, unbiased, and actionable guidance: helping them address everything from coworker conflict to performance-related stress, and giving them the tools they need to go forward.



Using our app, employees can describe their issue and schedule time with a Pro for whenever’s convenient (as soon as same-day).



Our diverse Pros are certified professional coaches, seasoned HR business partners, and corporate ombuds.



Our methodology is centered on interest-based negotiation strategies, crucial conversation frameworks, and effective communication models.

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