March 04, 2020

Five ways to show employee appreciation that go beyond “Thank you”

"Thank you... I trust in your decision-making. You've got this."
Employee appreciation goes beyond a simple “Thank you.” Show that you value your people by giving them space to prove what they’re capable of.
"Thank you.. How can I help you reach your goals?"
Showing appreciation to your employees means nurturing them and creating opportunities for them to grow in and out of the workplace.
"Thank you... I'd love to pick your brain some time."
One of the most meaningful ways to help employees feel appreciated is to solicit their honest individual feedback.
"Thank you... You have a bright future here."
Map a path for your people, helping them envision what their development can look like at your company.
"Thank you... Hungry to try something new?"
Celebrating at the office with cake is great—but for your employees, the sweetest reward is the chance to take on new challenges, build meaningful skills, and satisfy their curiosity.

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