January 07, 2019

New year, new (professional) you?

Why we’ve decided to give away 365 free spot-coaching sessions during the month of January

(Editor’s note: the 2019 Bravely New Year campaign is no longer active.)

It’s January, which means that we are once again resolving to improve ourselves as part of the annual ritual that emphasizes self-actualization, personal fulfillment, and shedding a few pounds. While we’re not here to talk diet tips (though you can DM @sarahesheehan to learn about the many virtues of celery juice), we are here to share some thoughts about the role that work can place in your life in 2019 and beyond.

The conventional wisdom is that we’ll spend roughly a third of our lives at work, which translates to 3,000 hours over the next year. That’s right. Three thousand hours. As far as we’re concerned, that’s far too much time to be spent feeling stressed, unhappy, or bored. Work should work for you.

It was this insight that actually led us to found Bravely back in 2017. We started where any good founders with a new idea start: with friends and family. We threw up a landing page and made it easy for people to book confidential spot-coaching sessions to talk through whatever they were dealing with at work. We wanted to provide everyone with access to this kind of professional support (not just executives or employees deemed “high potential”) in the moments they needed it most.

When we saw how much our sessions were helping people to go forward and approach difficult conversations with their managers, colleagues, and direct reports, we zeroed in on the value this created for organizations and a new business model was born. We now sell Bravely to organizations who offer it as a free benefit to their employees, giving them a new way to resolve the issues that are stressing them out and holding them back from success. We are thrilled to work with companies of all sizes, from fast-growing startups like Evernote to Fortune 1000 brands like Zillow.

We’re not going direct to consumer anytime soon, but a piece that was recently published about us in Quartz got us thinking—was there a way to offer Bravely to people who wouldn’t normally have access to coaching, and democratize the experience, for a limited time?

Today, we’re excited to announce Bravely New Year: a limited-time campaign that will give the first 365 people who visit our sign-up page (editor’s note: sign-up page is no longer available) access to a free, 45-minute phone call with one of our Pros. These Pros are certified coaches, HR professionals, and all-around amazing people—and during your session, they’ll help you reflect on the last year, develop a game-plan for moving forward, and set yourself up for a wildly fulfilling 2019.

Maybe you chat about the stress you’re feeling around your upcoming performance review. Maybe you’ve been having an issue with a coworker, or maybe you’re just feeling a little stuck and uninspired in your role after a distracting holiday season. Whatever the case, this is the time to address these issues head-on. Because while January is often viewed as the month for finding a new job, we think that there’s a lot to be gained from trying to improve the job you already have.

What opportunities are around you that you’re not seizing? Who on your team can teach you something you’re curious about? What did you not like about your job in the last year that’s bound to follow you into the new year if you don’t really get to the bottom of it?

Regardless of your title or tenure, or whether you work in a small company or a large one, we hope that you’ll take advantage of the opportunity to get some coaching around whatever is holding you back from success.


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