September 29, 2022

Events @ Bravely – October 2022

These days people leaders are working harder than ever to support their organizations. From pandemic uncertainty, to the Great Resignation, to the new challenges of remote and hybrid work, they are the go-to resource for seemingly everyone and everything. 

That’s why so many are joining the growing community of HR professionals looking to Bravely for solutions.  

At a Bravely event, you’ll hear about pressing issues facing people leaders today and receive actionable takeaways on how to solve them. Using data from thousands of Bravely coaching sessions and key insights from our experienced speakers, we host events that are meant to be immediately useful to our audience and to resonate with the reality of being an HR professional today.

So don’t wait — register for the events below and join the conversation.

Emotional Intelligence at Work

October 5, 2 p.m. ET (Now On-Demand)

Join Bravely Coach Marek Rudak to:

  • Learn the components of emotional intelligence
  • Gain an understanding of how emotional intelligence impacts the workplace
  • Assess and increase your own emotional intelligence and that of your employees

Detox Your Work Culture by Investing in Employee Development

October 13, 1 p.m. ET (Now On-Demand)

Join speakers from Bravely to learn:

  • What defines a toxic culture & how to systematically pivot toward healthier behavior
  • How investing in employee development attracts and retains the right people
  • Why employee development has become essential to healthy work cultures

The Science of Thriving at Work

October 19, 2 p.m. ET (Now On-Demand)

In this exploration of Bravely’s evidence-based framework for coaching, People Scientist Dr. Ludmila Cofta-Woerpel will discuss:

  • The science behind what your employees need to thrive
  • How to support your employees by adopting a needs-based framework
  • What impact needs-based coaching makes at the individual and company levels
  • What quantitative outcomes support Bravely’s approach to coaching

Build a High-Performance Culture Rooted in Development – Culture First Virtual Conference

October 26, 10:10 a.m. PT (Now On-Demand)

Hear from experts from Katasha Harley, Chief People Officer at Bravely to learn how to:

  • Build a performance process that empowers individuals to take ownership of their development goals
  • Design a performance and develop culture that is built to scale as your company grows
  • Empower managers to have more meaningful development conversations with their direct reports

Quiet Quitting: How to Reengage Your Employees

October 27, 2 p.m. ET (Now On-Demand)

Hear from experts from Bravely, Guru, and Bonusly to learn:

  • The corollaries of quiet quitting: quiet firing and quiet promotion
  • Actionable ways to identify employee unhappiness
  • Tactics for supporting managers
  • Impactful ways to make all employees feel valued

The Great Opportunity in Reframing The Great Resignation.

October 27, 1 p.m. ET (Now On-Demand)

Hear from experts from Bravely, Namely, and Blueboard to learn:

  • Key questions and tactics you can use to better understand employee needs
  • Shared learnings from The Great Resignation you can use to improve workplace culture
  • Best practices beyond pay bumps and cash bonuses that build employee satisfaction

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