April 02, 2020

Five more tips for building a better future at work during COVID-19.

New and unexpected challenges continue to arise from the unprecedented circumstances we’re living. Here are five more tips for tackling those challenges and coming out stronger.

Tip #6: Name your energy sources.

It might feel like work is taking over your life lately, or like it has outsized power over your mood. To stay resilient, you need multiple sources of positive energy: a support network, a hobby or interest, or your long-term dreams.

Today, take a moment to list all the places you can draw energy from in your life.

Takeaway: Even outside of this unusual time, work is where you spend most of your waking hours. But it doesn’t need to have full control of your life.

Tip #7: Clear your path.

What’s blocking you from doing your job well? Today, take 15 minutes to:

  1. Identify a small obstacle that’s been a major hindrance.
  2. Find out who has the power to remove it.
  3. Ask for what you need.

Your obstacle might be a question you need the answer to, a time-consuming process that doesn’t seem to have an impact, or feeling “stuck” on a project and needing to bounce ideas off someone.

Takeaway: When we’re heads down in “execution mode,” it’s not always easy to notice what’s slowing us down. Step back every now and then to ask yourself, “What’s blocking me?”

Tip #8: Change “should” to “could”.

When it comes to our work, worrying about what we “should”  be doing doesn’t actually help make it happen.

Today, if you catch yourself saying or thinking that you “should” do something, try changing that word to “could.”

For example, “I should be more productive in the morning” implies past regret, while “I could be more productive in the morning” implies future growth.

Takeaway: The switch from “should” to “could” represents a meaningful and healthy mindset shift toward thinking about what you can and can’t control and exploring your intrinsic motivations for doing the things you “could” do.

See Tips #1-5

Tip #9: Appreciate with purpose.

Today, help your peers keep up morale and motivation by taking time to effectively recognize your colleagues. 

Recognition has the power to help others feel connected to a sense of purpose. You can do this by pairing a “Thank you” with a specific way their work has had a positive impact on you.

Takeaway: Peer recognition can become a habit. Even better, it can multiply and become embedded in your team‘s culture.

Tip #10: Plan for change.

As you already know, change is now a constant.

Today, challenge yourself to make a plan for the day, but make the space for it to potentially change.

Knowing what direction you’re headed in can ease some of the discomfort you may be feeling, while simultaneously not getting married to the details builds agility.

Takeaway: Agility, the ability to move quickly and easily, will serve you well throughout your career, and comes with practice. If there’s one silver lining about the moment we’re in, it’s that you’re going to leave it more agile than ever.

See our next five tips.

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