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Making life
at work better

In the years since, our mission has evolved beyond connecting people with coaches (although it’s still the core of what we do). The average person spends more than 3,000 hours at work each year, and our experiences on the job have a huge impact on every single part of our lives. And the truth is that for many people, “work” can be synonymous with anxiety and dread.

We believe that there’s another way, and it’s why we’re on a mission to make life at work better for everyone.

Our values

  • Everyone

    We work to foster an environment where everyone’s humanity and unique lived experiences are celebrated, so that all employees can thrive.

  • Further

    Our success is contingent upon defining and seeking clear lines of ownership, and every individual taking responsibility for their contributions.

  • Champion

    We’re committed to proactively sharing our ideas, plans, dependencies, insights, and challenges, even when it may not feel easy or comfortable.

  • Results

    We demonstrate our commitment to our purpose with the results we drive. We see impact as more meaningful than intent, and actions as more powerful than words.

  • Strive
    for better

    We’re always looking for ways to further and deepen our impact wherever we can. We don’t accept the status quo as a given.

Backed by the best

Bravely is proud to work with people-centric organizations who understand the importance of supporting employees at all levels in their careers.

Meet our Coaches

Our world-renowned professional coaches have an average of 10 years of experience and are ready to support your employees through whatever comes their way.

  • Annette van der Feltz

    Annette van der Feltz

    With an international career in HR and business development spanning 4 countries and 2 continents, Annette brings an international and inclusive perspective to coaching. She loves coaching employees at any stage of their career to gain clarity around personal and professional goals and bring out their best in new situations. Annette is Dutch, married to a Swede and lives just outside New York, USA. She loves to be active outdoors or snuggle up indoors with a good book! Annette is an ICF ACC coach and is proud to be a Bravely Coach.

  • Arielle Sadan

    Arielle Sadan

    Now an Executive & Leadership Coach, Arielle is a former management consultant and has worked across various industries including financial services, education, technology, and telecommunications. She transitioned to coaching in 2018, and is a certified professional coach and is ICF-credentialed PCC (Professional Certified Coach). She is the founder of her own coaching and consulting firm, where she helps individuals and companies realize their potential. Arielle leverages her international background to bring a diverse and multifaceted perspective to her coaching. She specializes in helping her clients to build confidence, develop their communication and leadership skills, and carve out fulfilling career paths. She received her BA in English from Tufts University and her MBA from Tel Aviv University Coller School of Management. She lives in NYC.

  • Asma Batool

    Asma Batool

    An award-winning Executive Leadership coach, D&I coach, Change management professional, mental health practitioner, Master NLP, Neuroscience & Mindfulness Researcher, Author and Speaker with extensive experience developing global leaders across 30 countries. Asma has worked with senior leaders including C-suite and executive management, Directors and VP’s, senior and mid-level managers in Technology, Consulting, Healthcare, Broadcasting, Retail, Ecommerce, Entrepreneurship, Leisure & Hospitality, ONGC and Banking industries as well as non-profits and academia. Asma was awarded the World’s Best Top 100 Global Coaching Leaders by CHRO Asia and World Coaching Congress in 2017. Whether it is about anti-racism, anti-oppression in the US to structural diversity, gender diversity in EMEA, to the very local nuances of cultural assimilation in APAC, Asma enjoys nurturing the spaces of belonging and inclusivity across the world.

  • Benedek Frank

    Benedek Frank

    Benedek is an ambitious and motivated senior organizational development expert, coach and team coach with extensive practical experience in the Learning and Development function of HR. A former marketing agency account and strategy director, he also has a wide understanding of different businesses and their inner workings. As an ICF licensed, PCC level business coach and corporate trainer, he prides himself on quickly understanding how and where people and teams are ‘stuck’ and providing them with the right toolkit to grow and progress. He finds joy in getting his clients to access their next best versions.

  • Ben Sollenberger

    Ben Sollenberger

    Ben comes to Bravely with nearly a decade of experience working at start ups large and small, from Uber to a 10-person pre-seed team. What’s most important to know about Ben is that before he was a career coach, he was someone who really needed a career coach. Luckily, he found a couple of mentors at Bravely who guided him through the trying passages of early career into mid-career. Being a coachee-turned professional coach, he approaches conversations with empathy, humility and curiosity. Whatever you’re going through right now, he will not pretend to have the answer. Ben does believe you have the answer, and together we can test hypotheses and get closer to that answer.

  • Beth Banks Cohn

    Beth Banks Cohn

    PhD in Human and Organizational Systems; MA in Organization Development, Fielding Graduate University Beth Banks Cohn is an experienced consultant, coach and trainer with experience in IT, manufacturing, sales, marketing, operations, leadership development and training. Beth has worked and consulted in the Life Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Retail industries. Beth loves to coach individuals who feel stuck in their careers or who trying to build new skills. She is certified in the Kolbe Index, the only tool that measures how we instinctively take action when we are trying to solve a problem.

  • Beth McCormack

    Beth McCormack

    MS - Leadership and Organizational Development, Professional Certified Coach (PCC); SHRM Certified Professional After beginning her career in sales and marketing, Beth pivoted her strengths in relationship management and strategy into Human Resources with a focus on Leadership and Organizational Development. Today, she is People Experience professional with a Fortune 500 Company. She also has her own coaching business, coaching executives, professionals, teams. Her passion is working with adult professionals with ADD/ADHD.

  • BethAnne Palinginis

    BethAnne Palinginis

    Professional Certified Coach (PCC) ICF-certified; EQi 2.0 and EQi 360 Certified Assessor; Executive Coach Certification (XCC); MS, Organization Development and Leadership BethAnne helps leaders at all levels discover and develop their own unique skill set and strengths to get the most from themselves and their teams. She supports them in their journey to be more conscious and effective leaders and facilitates clear awareness on vision, goals, balance, and accountability. BethAnne comes from an international business background and holds a masters degree in leadership and organizational development and is certified as a professional coach, PCC, from ICF.

  • Betti Alisjahbana

    Betti Alisjahbana

    With a wealth of knowledge and experience from the long journey of starting from the bottom and reaching the top, as CEO in a multinational company, Betti has a good understanding of the various challenges people face in their careers, such as : work life balance, interpersonal relationship, developing team, developing leadership diversity, overcoming failure etc. Betti finds this experience very useful in coaching. Her passion is to develop people and their leadership skills. Watching people grow, realizing their best potential and succeeding in their lives is her greatest pleasure. As a Certified Executive Coach, Betti coaches leaders of all levels on how to grow as a person and inspire as a leader.

  • Biba Osrecak

    Biba Osrecak

    Certified Executive, Organisational & Life Coach; Certified Systemic Coach; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Practitioner Biba is a "knowmad" with over 20 years of broad international work and life experience. She coaches clients at all professional levels around the world. Her systemic approach enables them to successfully manage any challenges and achieve targeted goals within an organisation. Biba is passionate about addressing change and conflict management, personal and professional development, complex decision-making situations, communication, leadership development, as well as improving one's mental and emotional health at work.

  • Blair Stark

    Blair Stark

    ICF-Certified Executive, Career, and Life Coach; Chartered Professional in Human Resources Blair specializes in working with new workforce leaders, mid-level managers, and rising star individual contributors. Before becoming a full-time coach, he had a career in Human Resources where he worked primarily in a business partner capacity as an HR Director, Consultant, and Advisor in both the public and private sectors within the natural resources, government and academic industries. Along with having an educational background in finance, his corporate behind-the-scenes experience in HR is something many clients find invaluable!

  • Bo (Helen) Hong

    Bo (Helen) Hong

    For over three years, I have coached senior executives from a wide variety of sectors in Asia. My clients span from venture capital, high tech, automotive, e-commerce, construction, education, to nonprofits. I have served in a series of executive HR roles in multinational companies in the past 25 years. With the experience of building a foreign enterprise team in auto parts industry from zero to one and supporting its rapid development, I pay close attention to target management and have strong capability in plan execution which effectively promotes customer awareness. Since March 2019, I studied Professional Coaching Program and I have completed 275 ICF ACTP learning hours. As an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) , I have served for many multinational corporations, including Warburg Pincus, Michelin China, Vipshops and Jiangsu Libert, etc. I love workout and traveling, and I always focus on self-development and growth. I have an excellent daughter who graduated from Johns Hopkins University with two master degrees. 在过去的三年中,我曾为亚洲多国经理和总裁级客户提供教练服务。我的客户来自于风险投资、高科技、汽车、电子商务、建筑、教育和非营利组织等行业。我拥有二十五年以上的职场经验,历任跨国公司人力资源总监、亚洲区人力资源项目运营、人力资源行政经理、中国区招聘经理等不同职能。我具有从零到一搭建汽车零部件行业外企团队并支持企业高速发展的经历,因此注重目标管理、落地能力强,能够高效地推动客户觉察度。 自2019年3月起,我学习了教练技术,已完成275小时的专业教练培训小时数。作为国际教练联盟认证的专业教练 (PCC),我曾为华平投资、米其林中国、唯品会和利柏特等公司提供教练服务。 Helen热爱生活,爱好健身和旅游,注重不断地自我学习,持续成长。有一位毕业于美国约翰霍普金斯大学并获双硕士学位的优秀女儿。

A healthy culture starts with Bravely

Offering individualized coaching as a benefit is an impactful show of support - it signals to your people that you’re investing in their workplace wellness.